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Fight for Your Health, the FDA's Betrayal of America
Fight for Your Health is an eye-opening look into the secret workings of the FDA, Wall Street, and Big Pharma. Your health is at stake as the FDA actively undermines health freedom and seeks to systematically eliminate natural health alternatives with censorship, disinformation and outright lies. Fight For Your Health will arm you with the "insider knowledge" you need in order to take charge of your health and safely negotiate the jungle of drugs, doctors, hospitals, medical procedures, health regulators and our "protectors," the FDA.

"In his book, Fight for Your Health,
Byron Richards joins the chorus of those critical of modern medicine. He is right on key and harmonizes well. Modern medicine is far more dangerous and debilitating than helpful. The FDA is so corrupt it cannot be fixed."
-Julian Whitaker, MD Founder, Whitaker Wellness Institute, Author, Health & Healing newsletter



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