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The Chinese Answer To FDA Corruption:


Deadly Serious About Drug Safety In China...

Opinion By Nurse Mark

The Chinese Republic is often an inscrutable one.

In many instances they struggle with problems similar to ours: population growth, runaway bureaucracy, pollution, corruption in government, spiraling energy costs, crime.

It is in their solutions to many of these problems where they differ so radically from us.

Take as an example their solution to the problem of corruption in their highest government officials.

You see, in the US, government officials who accept bribes or are found to be in positions of "conflict of interest" (for example, being at the head of a regulatory agency and having ties to the businesses that the agency regulates) are at best rewarded with promotions to greater power and wealth, and at worst (if they are caught, and if they must be "made an example of" for political reasons) they are fined or sent away to some "Club Fed" prison to serve a minimal amount of time practicing their golf swings, writing their autobiographies, and running their businesses from their well-appointed "cells."

In China? The fate of those caught and convicted of such corrupt activities is simple and brutal: death by execution. Once enamored of public execution with a bullet to the back of the head, China has "softened" and modernized, with mobile killing vans now providing quick cheap death by lethal injection.

In a news article this week the Associated Press reports that China's former top FDA regulator was found to have taken bribes from Chinese Drug companies to expedite the approval of drugs without their being fully tested for safety. Zheng Xiaoyu has been convicted and sentenced - to death.

According to the AP article, one example given was an antibiotic that caused 10 deaths last year before being pulled from the market.

10 deaths.

That seems rather pale in comparison to the numbers of deaths resulting from FDA "approved" drugs in this country; Avandia, which the drug maker estimated in it's own research killed 35,000 last year, Vioxx, which killed anywhere from 50,000 to 120,000 depending on who's numbers you believe, and others - virtually all of which had either been "hustled" through the approval process, or had safety concerns and warnings hushed or covered up or ignored by the regulators involved.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths.

But there any similarity ends.

China takes corruption very seriously. Deadly seriously. And a man's life will be taken because he committed acts that harmed others. Convicted of corruption, this former official will be executed.

America also takes corruption seriously. Deadly seriously. Thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands will die because our highest regulators and officials value power and wealth over the lives of Americans. Never convicted of corruption, these officials are rewarded with promotions, wealth, power, and prestige. After leaving their well-paying government posts these now-former-officials often find themselves further rewarded with high-paid jobs at the very same drug companies that they were once charged with "regulating."

So. Which country has it right?


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