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Flu and Cold Season Is Coming - Get Natural Protection and Relief!


This Week In HealthBeat News:

  • "Where Was My HealthBeat Last Week!?!" The Techno-Gremlins Ate It...
  • Flu and Cold Season Is Coming - But There Is Natural Relief!
  • Dr. Myatt's Mighty Herbal First Aid Kit - For Colds and Flu Too!
  • Don't Forget - Dr. Myatt Has A Crazy "No-Flu" money-back Guarantee!
  • Surprise And Disappointment - It Seems Everyone Figures Someone Else Will Do It...
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: A Skeletal Bit of Humor

"Where Was My HealthBeat Last Week!?!"

Nurse Mark Reports:

We had a few calls and emails last week - people voicing their concern: "Where's my HealthBeat?" "What's going on?" " Is everything OK?"

Thanks for the concern - everything is OK now... but things weren't so OK for a while: You see, for years, we've been doing business, selling MaxiMulti and a whole host of other natural products on-line, over the internet. Dr. Myatt was one of the very first to sell supplements this way, and in all those years we have never had a problem with the security of our customers information. Never.

So when we changed over to our new shopping cart, with it's even better security, we didn't give it a second thought - until one of our customers wrote us to say that he had gone to place an order on-line and had not seen the little "lock" symbol in his browser bar to assure him that his information was secure.

That got us to thinking that perhaps it was time, even though we know just how secure our website and shopping cart really is, to upgrade our security even further with a SSL certificate - techno-babble for Secure Socket Layer, a kind of protocol that encrypts everything. It's all Greek (or Geek) to us, but we said "go ahead - make it so!"

Well, the techno-people did, and we awoke on Wednesday (HealthBeat Day) to find that the Wellness Club website was: Gone! Disappeared! Vanished! YIKES!

To make a very long and frustrating story short, after many hours and frantic phone calls we had our website back  - only now, instead of a nice, secure, seamless browsing experience, we were seeing warning pop-ups about "secure and non-secure items" every time we surfed from one page to the next. Double YIKES! It was looking like we had jumped from the frying pan into the fire!

Clearing up all the confusion that was causing that problem occupied Thursday and most of Friday, and we were finally able to get away on Friday to enjoy a dinner theater musical with Dr. Myatt's parents and to lick our wounds over the weekend. This week has been spent catching up on all the other things that were put aside last week while we tended to these difficulties - hence HealthBeat is a little late...

So, last week's HealthBeat is around here somewhere... we'll find it soon we hope... meanwhile, be assured that Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club is now (as it always has been) as secure and safe a website as it can possibly be - and yes, when you shop you will see the little lock security symbol in the browser bar!

The Flu and Colds - How to beat 'em the Natural Way!

By Nurse Mark

Colds and flu are a fact of life - sooner or later you will catch one or the other. But you can make it easier for your body to resist them, and when you do get sick you can do plenty to help your body get well and to lessen the severity of the symptoms. First, let's remember one really important thing about colds and the flu - they really do not respond to "antibiotics"! In the medical business we like to explain that your cold will last for about a week if we don't give you antibiotics, and it will last for about seven days if we do give you antibiotics. Now, having said that, what can you do to avoid these two scourges of winter?

First, make sure your immune system is in the very best shape possible:

  • Get regular exercise: exercise stimulates the immune system. Just 10 minutes of good, all-out exercise each day is all it takes!
  • Use immune-enhancing herbal formulas - You'll see some of Dr. Myatt's recommendations below.
  • Practice stress reduction - stress impairs your immune system.
  • Use positive visualization and affirmations - Dr. Myatt's Body / Mind video will help you develop this skill. Remember, a positive attitude helps and negative thoughts are harmful: when you tell yourself (and others) in that resigned, depressed voice; "<sigh> I always get a cold this time of year..." - by gumpy, you will!
  • Practice meditation.

Give your body the materials it needs to keep the immune system fit:

  • Eat plenty of protein. The body needs it for maintenance and repair.
  • Avoid fruit juices and sugars - sugars suppress the immune system. (Ever wonder why your kids keep getting colds and ear infections, even though you give them that big glass of sugar-filled OJ each morning 'cause it's "fortified" with vitamin C? We don't - fructose is sugar and OJ is full of it!)
  • Be sure to use a good multi-vitamin. Dr. Myatt's MaxiMulti is the very best available. Don't forget the kids - Quality Kids Vitamins are available too.
  • Use Dr. Myatt's Immune Support capsules every day - not just when you feel "something coming on."
  • Drink 64 ounces (2 quarts) of pure water or herb teas (non-caffeinated) daily.
  • Be well-rested.

Colds and flu are caused by over 100 different strains of viruses. Vaccinations are sometimes useful for people with weakened or compromised immune systems but they do not offer complete protection because there are so many different strains of virus that cause colds and flu. Antibiotics are useless against viruses and can cause harm by creating "super bugs."

Symptoms of the Common Cold include nasal discharge (runny nose) with sneezing and sore throat, usually without significant fever. Flu (Influenza) is characterized by fever, cough, headache, malaise (feeling weak, achy & "blah") and all the other symptoms of a cold.

When is a cold or flu serious? If you are having trouble breathing, or if you (as an adult) have a fever over 104 that is unrelieved by aspirin or ibuprofen (remember - no aspirin for anyone under 21 years of age!), or if you are unable to drink or keep fluids down and are becoming dehydrated then you should call your doctor. If you are recovering from a serious illness, are immunocompromised or on immunosuppressive drugs, or have just had or are about to have surgery you should contact your doctor for instructions. Otherwise, it is best to stay out of the Emergency Room or clinic. Those places are just full of sick people!

What else can you do to avoid getting sick? Avoiding crowds will help, frequent hand washing definitely helps (most of these viruses are spread through contact - you touch the door handle that someone else touched, then you touch your face - maybe to dab at a runny nose, maybe to rub a watering eye - that's all it takes...), and avoid those inconsiderate people who insist on going in to work or out to visit when they are sick.

So, what about the "Flu Shots" that are promoted so heavily each year? Well, as I mentioned above, they only protect from a very few viruses - the ones that the drug companies guessed might be the biggest problems when they designed the shots many months ago. If you are not at special risk, you might want to pass on them, for they can have side effects. There is also a new nasal vaccine, FluMist, that the drug companies are pushing because of the "shortage" of injectable vaccines. It uses an "attenuated" (weakened) live strain of flu virus, as compared to the injectable vaccines that use a "killed" virus - would I willingly snort a live flu virus? Not likely! There are some new "anti-flu" drugs being marketed, that claim to be able to "possibly" shorten the duration of a flu (by one day!), if they are taken within 48 hours of the very first onset of symptoms. That doesn't sound to me like a very good bet either, so I'll just use the tried and proven herbal remedies.

The Mighty Herbal First Aid Kit:

By Dr. Myatt

Is there really that big a problem, or is it just a big marketing push to boost drug company sales? Yes, we have a flu season every year, and yes, every year some unfortunate people do succumb - usually to complications of the flu, like respiratory failure or dehydration. A few simple measures like those mentioned in this newsletter can go a long way toward making this a healthy and safe flu season for Wellness Club Members and their families. Be ready to strike back at the flu with your "Herbal First-Aid Kit," and keep your immune system as strong as possible with a few simple supplements.

B.A.M. (Broad Anti Microbial) That's right, we don't know what's wrong. It could be a fungus, bacteria, virus, mycoplasma - or any combination thereof - and this tincture gets serious with all of them. Take during an acute infection to put the "bad guys" in their place. A potent broad spectrum "anti-bug" formula designed for acute infections. Contains: Propolis, Pau d' Arco, St. John's Wort, Red Cedar leaf, Echiacea Royal, Usnea, Goldenseal root, and Meadowsweet. Suggested dose: 60 to 80 drops, 3 to 4 times a day.

Energy Rehab Infections can weaken the body, drain energy, and prolong recovery time. This formula supports the body's energy systems typically affected by any type of infection. May be continued after infection to ensure complete energy and immune recovery. Contains: Astragalus, Echinacea, Siberian ginseng, Licorice root, and ligustrum. Suggested dose: one-half to one teaspoon, 1 to 4 times per day.

Immune Boost The immune system has a wide variety of different cells and functions to protect the body. This formula contains herbs to stimulate every aspect of immune function. Potent liquid tincture goes to work "lightning fast" to enhance immunity. Contains: Astragalus, Ashwanganda, Schisandra, Echinacea, Siberian ginseng, Panax ginseng, American ginseng, Licorice root, and Goldenseal. Suggested dose: 1 teaspoon, 1 to 4 times per day.

Vitamin C The Master Immune Stimulant. Vitamin C is antiviral and antibacterial, but it's most most potent effect is to enhance immunity. It increases white blood cell activity, interferon production, and thymic hormone secretion.. Levels of vitamin C are quickly depleted during infection. Our vitamin C is specially buffered to reduce acidity. Each capsule contains Vitamin C 1000 mg, Bioflavinoid complex 100 mg, and is buffered with calcium and magnesium. Also available as a potent powder - each 1/4 teaspoon contains the same ingredients as the capsules and mixes easily in water or other beverages. Suggested dose: 500 to 1000 mg every two hours (during acute infection or immune system stress.)

Whey Protein Superior Protein With Immune Factors. The immune system is highly dependant on protein for it's normal function. Many people consume enough calories to be overweight but insufficient protein calories to keep the immune system strong. Whey contains easy-to-assimilate, high quality protein, plus immune globulins and lactoferrin. Available in chocolate and vanilla, it makes easily into a shake or pudding - see page 130 of your Holistic Health Handbook for more information about this amazing protein, and for great recipes.

Inspirol A Super-Powerful Inhalant for respiratory conditions: hay fever, sinusitis, coughs, colds, congestion, and bronchitis. Every household should have a bottle of this on hand! Contains: Tincture of tolu balsam, eucalyptus oil, tincture of benzoin, turpentine oil, rectified creosote in an antiseptic grain alcohol base. The oversized bottle allows fumes to gather. Suggested use: 3 to 4 deep inhalations, 4 to 6 times per day.

Throat Mist Spray on sore throats - it helps instantly! It doesn't just "numb" a sore throat, but contains herbs which help stimulate immunity. Contains: Echinacea Royal, Propolis, Ligusticum (Osha), Hyssop, Prickly Ash bark, and essential oil of orange. It is sprayed on the inflamed tissues at the back of the throat, as needed up to every hour.

Herbal Cough Elixir II  Not just another cough syrup, but a true respiratory tonic. For children and adults. Contains: Yerba santa, Usnea, Marshmallow, Cherry bark, Elecampane, Ligusticum, Colt's foot, Rose hips, Lemon grass, Cinnamon, essential oil of orange and lemon in a base of 15% alcohol, water and glycerine. For adults use 1 teaspoonful every hour or as needed, For children see page 18 of the Holistic Health Handbook to calculate dosing.

The supplements described above are not just "good to have" - they should be a part of every household's "Herbal First-Aid Kit."  You would not be without bandages for cuts, or aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce fever, or Bromelain as an anti-inflammatory - and so you should have these formulas on-hand to use at the first sign of a cold or flu (or other infection). If you don't have a Holistic Health Handbook, you need one - it is a goldmine of valuable information! Click here, and order yours now.

And finally, Remember Dr. Myatt's crazy, "no-flu" money-back guarantee!

Yes, that's right, Dr. Myatt is so certain if you follow her advice that you won't get the flu this year she's actually offering a money-back guarantee. Her accountant says she's nuts! The rest of us here think she's onto something good - and she's right: if you follow her advice you'll stay healthy this winter - guaranteed!

Read all about this crazy offer here...

Frankly, I'm Surprised and Disappointed

By Dr. Dana Myatt

Every day without fail, I receive "touching stories," poems and pleas for help in my email. When I check them out, most are just that --- stories. Fictional fairy tales about parents or children in need in South Africa or Bangladesh or even right here in the USA.

I suppose because they are touching, people forward them on to hundreds of their best friends without checking their validity. Even if one in a million of these stories is true, they rarely contain any "actionable" suggestion. ("Actionable" as in "there is something I can do to help this situation beyond forwarding this email").

I've heard from 197 Wellness Club members and HealthBeat subscribers who think "Healthy Troops"
care packages
are a wonderful idea. "Fabulous. Remarkable. The "All-American" thing to do." Yet only a handful of these people have actually sent a care package! What's wrong with this picture?

Honestly, I'm surprised and very disappointed. Why aren't the people who know this is righteous "stepping up to the plate"? I have a theory.

A Shocking Lesson From My Electrical Company

I live at 20th and Plumb --- twenty miles out of town and plumb out in the sticks. The electricity goes out a lot here, for reasons I don't fully understand.

If it's out when it's snowing, it's because of the snow. If it's cloudy, it's because of the clouds. If it's a perfectly clear day, well, it must be all that sunshine...

Once, on a perfectly clear, calm day, the power company told me it was because of a squirrel on the wires.

The price I pay for clean air and water is to live in a place with unreliable electricity. It's not so bad as long as the power company gets "on the case" quickly, finding the cause and fixing it without delay. They're fairly good about that now, but not always. It used to take them hours to even start looking for the problem. One day I found out why.

Someone Else Will Do It

When I first moved here, I'd wait for 10 minutes, then call the power company. They'd ask the usual questions: what was the weather, did I check my breaker box, had I called my neighbors to see if they had also lost power, and so on.

It was never my breaker, yes the neighbors were out, and yet it would take hours to get power restored. Bummer.

One day, I prodded the local "power lady" for some explanation, and she confessed. The Power Company won't really send anyone to start looking for the problem until enough people call in.

In other words, my call would be ignored until other people also called to report the same outage. When enough calls come in, they'll get a crew to "roll wheels" and fix the problem.

So I called my neighbors and asked "When the power goes out, do you call the power company right away to report it?"

Their answer? "No. We figure someone else will call it in."

Ah-ha! No wonder I waited so long so many times. When I explained to those living around me why THEY had to call in too they adopted a new habit. When the power goes out, they don't wait for someone else to call - everyone calls in for themselves.

The power still goes out more than I'd like, but it rarely takes long hours to be restored any more. The flood of calls from this neck 'o' the woods gets the power company rolling fast, lest they have a local uprising on their hands.

When all of us take action, things get accomplished!

It's Not About Forwarding Emails or Sporting a Yellow Ribbon on Your Car: It's About Taking Action.

If everyone with a yellow magnet on their car sent just one care package, tens, even hundreds of thousands of troops would know how we feel back home. (That it's not another Viet Nam, we're not blaming them for the war and we're not going to spit on them when they get back on US soil as disgracefully happened to so many of our vets of that earlier war).

If everyone who forwards unverified email "help" stories would send just one care package, thousands of troops would know that we appreciate their efforts, whether we agree or not with the war or the politics surrounding it.

If everyone who forwards a Healthy Troops email sent a care package before emailing their friends, hundreds more troops would receive a gift of good health.

And if all these people combined sent a package, many thousands of troops would get a delicious, nutritious "warm fuzzy" from back home.

Time to Step Up To The Plate

These men and women need to know that we,
that you appreciate their service and their sacrifice, and let's face reality: Despite our prayers some of them won't make it home to see your car magnets.

Healthy Troops isn't just a "good idea" --- it's something YOU CAN TAKE ACTION ON. Please don't wait for "everyone else" to do it --- YOU Do It. Do It Today!

Dr. Myatt

P.S. The Dept. of Defense recommends that Holiday care packages be sent no later than Nov. 13th for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Laughter is Good Medicine: A "Skelittle" bit of fun for Halloween...

Sent to us by subscriber Peg from Washington:

Here are some fun Halloween quiz questions - try your luck first, the answers are below. Have fun with the kids and grandkids with these!

1. Who won the skeleton beauty contest?

2. What do you call a skeleton who won't work?

3. What did the skeleton say before eating?

4. What is a skeleton's favorite musical instrument?

5. Why can't skeletons play music in church?

6. How did the skeleton know it was going to rain?

7. What happened to the sailors who sank in the river full of piranha?

8. Why did the skeleton stay out in the snow all night?

9. Why did the skeleton stay late at school?

10. How do skeletons get their mail?

11. What kind of plate does a skeleton eat off of?

12. Why do skeletons hate winter? (Peg says "are they snowbirds?")

13. Why are skeletons so calm?



1. No body
2. Lazy bones
3. Bon Appetite
4. Trombone
5. They have no organs
6. Could feel it in his bones
7. They came back as a skeleton crew
8. He was a numbskull
9. He was boning up for his exams
10. Boney express
11. Bone china
12. The wind goes right through them
13. Nothing gets under their skin

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