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The Wellness Club Supports America's Military Men and Women: Goes Live!


This Week In HealthBeat News:

  • Wellness Club Launches
  • It's Finally Here! The Wellness Club Website Has Had A Make-Over!
  • Seems The New Website Is A Hit! (With most folks, at least...)
  • Will the REAL Naturopathic Medical Doctor Please Stand Up?
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Anger Management

Wellness Club Launches

By Dr. Dana Myatt and Nurse Mark

Are you grateful to US troops but wonder if your little "Support Our Troops" car magnet is really doing enough to show it? Now there's a way to REALLY show 'em you care! Introducing, brought to you (and the Troops!) by Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club.

We've got members and children and friends of Wellness Club members who are deploying every day. Some have asked us what vitamins to send. We did our research and found several problems.

First, people under extreme conditions of physical and mental stress have different nutritional needs than those under stress here at home. "Cranky Boss" stress and driving in rush hour is different than "Expect Incoming Fire 24/7," life-threatening stress. And carrying an 85-pound rucksack on your back while dressed in full "battle-rattle" (military garb) in 116 degree heat is different than wearing a cotton shirt and slacks and working in an air-conditioned office in Phoenix in 116 degree heat. (I think you get my point.)

SO, we did some careful "homework," looked at numerous studies that have been conducted with troops in active military service and formulated an "Extreme Duty" supplement pack designed especially for US military men and women.

The second problem: everything must be totally portable (in little packets that can be shoved in a pocket or stuck in a rucksack). This wasn't impossible, but it was a challenge.

Third was to find our Troops some delicious, health-promoting snacks and treats. Most "care packages" we've seen are cookies, candy, potato chips. They may taste good but they are full of sugar and simple carbs which depress the immune system. Upper respiratory infections and gut problems (like diarrhea) are the most common medical complaints troops have short of lead poisoning. (A little military humor. You'll "get it" in a minute or two if not now....)

Now, having diarrhea or a head-cold when you're on patrol where bullets might fly isn't really a good option. In our opinion, it's not an option at all. And we found a lot of studies showing that higher doses of certain vitamins and minerals, plus increased intakes of vitamin C, more protein, less simple sugars and more fruit and vegetables (yeah, right... especially in a combat zone), go a long way toward keeping troops healthy.

We became "medics on a mission," looking for things that would taste great, provide protein, vitamin C, fruits and vegetables, be "stick to your ribs" healthy snacks and be portable. Oh yeah, and withstand extremes of temperature, humidity, and pressure. And we've done it!

"Healthy Troops" reflects our commitment to support American troops in a delicious, nutritious way.

We've got REAL energy drinks (portable!) that mix with water and offer high vitamin B12 and potassium (low electrolytes are a problem in the heat). We have packets of 1,000mg fruit-flavored vitamin C powder that can be added to a canteen for a quick immune boost (tastes great, too).

How about all-natural (organic, no hormones, no antibiotics) beef and buffalo jerky, processed without nitrates or other nasty chemicals. Best part: they are delicious. The buffalo jerky is almost as tender as a top sirloin, with nearly as much protein, too!

We've got our own private label "Extreme Duty" whey protein (very high protein, low carb) in individual packets for easy carry. We've found two energy bars with all organic ingredients, high fiber, nothing to melt in the heat and they both taste great. (These aren't "glorified candy bars" disguised as "power bars." These are the REAL DEAL Power/Energy bars!).

We've got packets of "NanoGreens," the equivalent of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in powdered form that can be added to water. Bonus: it tastes great, not like most pond-scum-tasting "green stuff."

And of course, our "flagship product": EXTREME DUTY Once Daily Supplement Packs. These are designed to be taken one packet per day in individual, easy-to-carry pouches, in both male and female versions.

We've designed various "care packages" in different price ranges, and we know all the rules for packing and shipping to a US troop anywhere in the world. In fact, we can help you "sponsor a troop" (send a care package to a troop even if you don't have a personal address). We're "good to go"!

NOW ALL WE (THE TROOPS and US) NEED IS YOU! Will you send a care package to show a troop your true support? We've made it easy to send a package once, or every month, or every time the spirit moves you.

Please check out Healthy Troops right now and let us know which package and/or which troop you'd like to sponsor. We'll take care of the rest.

It's Finally Here! The Wellness Club Website Has Had A Make-Over!

By Nurse Mark

The Wellness Club has been serving you on-line since 1994, and we think that this new website is the best we have ever looked! With a cheery new look, a new shopping cart, new features, and new articles along with all the carefully researched, scientifically accurate information you have come to expect from us, we think that you will think it's a winner too!

Finding the new website is easy - just go to as you always have.

One of our great new features is an improved search - if there is something you are looking for, or something you can't find, try typing it into the search box at the upper right of the page. Products or information, if it is within The Wellness Club website the search will probably find it for you!

Using the new shopping cart is also be easy - those of you who have ordered from us before will most likely already have an "account" set up that you can "login" to. We have been working hard to get as much of our customers information as we can moved over to the new shopping cart - you may login using your email address, and your password should be your membership number. If your membership number doesn't work as a password, you can always click on the "I Forgot My Password" link, and your password will be e-mailed to you. If the cart does not recognize you by your e-mail address, you may have begun using a new address but not told us, so we may have your old address in the system - try the old address. If that doesn't work, then we might not haev had any email address, so you might try your last name

If you are having problems, please call me, Nurse Mark, at 1-800-376-9288 and we'll get things worked out for you.

If you are or have been a Wellness Club Member and cannot get logged-in PLEASE call Nurse Mark for help before creating a whole new account! We want you to keep your familiar membership number and your discounts!

Once you are logged in, please make sure that all the information is correct: Name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, e-mail address. This is also a good time to change your password if you wish. (Please remember though, if you like to call in your orders sometimes, that Nurse Mark will need to know what your password is so that we can use the shopping cart system to place the order on your behalf - in this case, your membership number may be the best password!)

The new cart will do some cool things too: it will calculate your member discount, figure in your free shipping, and remember your credit card number for subsequent orders - all with complete security.

Seems The New Website Is A Hit! (With most folks, at least...)

A collection of comments - By Nurse Mark

We've received a bunch of comments on our new website - seems that our readers, Wellness Club members, and patients like the new look - for the most part... here are a few of the comments we've received over the last week:

Birgitta wrote to say:

Hi, Just took a look at your new site. I like the new look and it does appear a bit clearer than the old one, not that it was not clear.

Hmmm... I'm pretty clear on that... clearly a compliment about both sites, old and new.

Deb weighed in too - could she have been any more clear that she likes it?

Great new look!!!! Congratulations on the new website!! looks good!!! Thanks for being there!!! Keep up the great good work!! Love & Light Deb in OKC

Ron has written before - we enjoy hearing from him.

Man I'm glad you have a website.. Thanks Doc. Keep teaching.. I will meet you and Mark someday! Ron in TN

We'll keep on doing what we do best Ron, thanks!

Mike, a long-time friend writes:

Thanks, Dana. Great job as always. Best, Mike

And George, a new friend, sent us this somewhat cryptic note...

The New Website is ..... A K A ! Congrats ! George

We wrote back to ask what AKA meant - he explained that is is another way of saying "Absolutely Kicks A$$" - so now we're blushing... <wink>

Mark in Tucson, a friend from 'way back who has helped us with our computers many times (more like rescued us) says:

I just completed an order on the new live website. The new home page is excellent. The disclaimer at the bottom gave me a chuckle, too. Yeah, I read the fine print.

And then wrote again about an hour later to add:

Just got the USPS shipping notice. You guys have the best customer service anywhere.

There was one who didn't like everything about the new website - Dr. Denny in Phoenix likes the old look better:

Congratulations on the new website! Your website is full of useful stuff, but the aesthetics lag behind the first website....the previous was "prettier" and more visually appealing Yes, the new one REALLY contains lots of useful stuff, including NRA-related stuff, and Frontsight stuff (so, too bad for the hoplophobe who couldn't handle your endorsement of self-empowerment)...

Finally, Billy weighed in with this opinion just today:

DDM, Congratulations on your new web-site. Your new set up is very easy to use. Your picture on your home page is much better than your previous one. You look "Happy".

Yep, we are pretty happy 'round here!

Thanks to EVERYONE who took the time to write and tell us their thoughts - we really enjoy getting your calls and emails, and we really do try to answer every email as soon as we can - one way or another...

Will the REAL Naturopathic Medical Doctor Please Stand Up?

By Dr. Dana Myatt

Remember that old T.V. show, "What's My Line"? Each week, three people on a panel would all pose as someone in a "line of work." Panelists would ask all three panelists questions and try to guess which one of the three was really the butcher, baker, candlestick maker or whatever the "line" of the week was. Many of the "imposters" were impressive. Some were even better-able to convince the questioners that THEY were the "real deal" when in fact, they were the fakes.

So this week, indulge me in a little game of "What's My Line," will you? Let's see if we can find a REAL naturopathic doctor from a panel of pretenders to the title. Here are some of the questions I would ask, and what I would look for, if I were playing the game...

Before we ask any questions of our trio of wanna-be docs, let's do our homework on what a real naturopathic doctor is and does. That way, with a few pointed questions, we should be able to figure out the "real deal" from the "plants." Since I've got some experience in this field, I'll help out.

First, let's consider what a "doctor" (as in "medical doctor") really is, and what one is expected to know and do.

"Real" doctors (at least the kind I'd choose to go to) have been through formal training at a 4-year medical school. This comes after 4 years of pre-medical training, and usually a baccalaureate degree, from a real university.

During the four years of medical studies, real doctors are trained in clinical and physical diagnosis. This means that they learn how to listen to hearts and lungs (and other body parts!) with a stethoscope, use their hands to "palpate" (fancy word for "feel") the abdomen, muscles, head and neck.

A real doctor knows how to look in your ears, eyes, nose and throat with a special doctor light-thingy (otolaryngoscope). They know how to examine personal body parts, draw blood, sew up boo boos, cut out lumps and bumps with a really sharp knife. They know how to stick a needle in you to draw blood or other fluids. They even know how to set bones, tape sprained body parts, and catch a baby should the need arise.

There are specialties, of course, but the above-listed skills are common to all medical physicians, and the "bread and butter" of a family practitioner, regardless of what "kind" of doctor they are.

Naturopathic Medical Doctors (naturopaths) are trained like any general family practitioner. They learn all of the above. In addition, and while still in medical school, they also study nutrition (in depth), exercise physiology, herbal medicine, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, manual medicine ( manipulating the spine like a chiropractor and the soft body tissues like an old-time osteopath), hydrotherapy (use of water for healing), pharmacology (drugs) and other alternative therapies.

Naturopathic medical school has the same entrance requirements as M.D. or D.O. school, and the same additional 4 years of medical study with one big difference. Naturopathic Medical Doctors (N.M.D.'s) have more classroom hours of study in order to learn the "conventional" body of medical "wisdom" (I use the term loosely) AND the natural and holistic body of wisdom. In other words, a medical-school-trained naturopath learns what an M.D. learns, plus what a D.C. (chiropractor) learns PLUS more, the natural curriculum.

Now, conventional medical doctors (M.D. and D.O.'s) learn to treat the problems they find with drugs, surgery, or referral to another doctor. They do not learn natural treatments in medical school. Heck, they barely learn basic nutrition in medical school. If someone with an M.D. or a D.O. degree "wants to be a naturopath," the truth is they can't, not without going back to at least 2 more years of medical training. Ah, but here's where they can fool you.

Anyone with a legitimate medical degree can claim that they "know" holistic medicine. Many conventionally trained doctors read a book, or attend a weekend seminar on alternative treatments and then "bill" themselves as an "holistic" physician.

Let's think about this a minute, taking herbal medicine as an example. Naturopaths study herbal medicine for at least 6 semesters (3 1/2 years) of their medical studies. Do you really believe that a person can acquire the same depth of knowledge by simply reading a book or two, or taking a weekend --- or even week-long --- course?

Let's put it another way: I am trained to deliver babies, although it is not my specialty and I really haven't delivered one in many years. I could if I had to, but I'm surely not as competent as someone who has taken advanced obstetrics classes and performed many deliveries over the years. There's something to be said for lots of training and lots of practice.

Now, there are a few --- and in my opinion, very few --- conventionally trained doctors who know a lot about natural medicine. I can count on one hand the number of those I feel are as competent as a "real" naturopath. And then there are a few others who write newsletters and books but don't practice. Some of their books and literature is good, but I wouldn't want to be treated by someone who is primarily an author and not a practicing physician.

OK, so conventional M.D.'s and D.O.'s are "real" docotrs but NOT real naturopaths. Their level of training and skill in the holistic disciples is minimal, and if they are truly interested in the subject, they've got to play an enormous amount of "catch up." Very few go the distance. Most will claim to be "holistic" because that's a popular buzz-phrase and good for business, but when it comes to offering real, solid advice on alternative treatments, they're out of their league.

Next, you should know that there are "mail order medical schools" that will give you a "naturopath degree" via correspondence course. Correspondence course? Uh... I'm thinking you could learn some good stuff about herbs and possibly nutrition (depends on the curriculum) via correspondence, but how about surgery? Physical examinations? Looking at blood or urine or sputum under a microscope?

Plus, there is NO STATE that acknowledges any correspondence-trained "doctor" as a "real" physician.

OK, so you've got "real" medical-school trained doctors who are NOT naturopaths and have little or no training in natural medicine. Then you have mail-order "degree" people calling themselves doctors, then you have medical-school-trained naturopaths who learn what M.D's learn AND learn natural medicine wile in medical school. Let's say one of each of these folks is a panelist on "What's My Line," and we have to decide "who's who." Here are the questions I would ask:

1.) What medical school did you graduate from? If they say "John Bastyr, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine or University of Bridgeport, that's a good sign. Those are the "real," federally-accredited naturopathic medical schools in this country.

If they say "Harvard" or "Stanford" or any other conventional medical school (please genuflect at the speaking of these hallowed, revered names; it's the law), they might be a real doctor but they certainly AREN'T a real naturopath.

And if they say "Clayton's School of Naturopathic Healing" or "Herbal Healer Academy' or any "school" not listed above --- they're a "mail order" doc. Again, they might know some good stuff but I don't see how they can even remotely consider themselves a 'real doctor."

2.) Do You have a medical license? "Yes" implies a state license, only available to people who have graduated from medical school AND passed numerous "state board" exams. An affirmative answer would be from an M.D., D.O. or N.M.D. Chiropractors (D.C.'s) also must be state licensed.

3.) Can you prescribe drugs? Although some "real" naturopaths do not choose to have a DEA number (Drug Enforcement Agency number, required for any one who writes prescriptions), most do. You can't get a DEA number if you went to mail-order medical school.

OK, so I'm done with my questions. The doc who went to one of the above-listed schools (I went to National College), has a state medical license (I'm licensed in Arizona) and a DEA number (yup... I can write 'scripts, though I rarely need to) would get my vote for the "real naturopath."

The one who has a medical license and a DEA number but did NOT attend one of the listed schools (unless they graduated from say, the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine) is either an M.D. or a D.O., but not a naturopath.

And the one who isn't state licensed and can't write prescriptions (no DEA number) is the mail-order doc.

Now, "will the REAL Naturopathic Medical Doctor please stand up?"


Here is a link to a listing of accredited naturopathic medical schools:

Laughter is Good Medicine: Anger Management

Some thoughts regarding anger management: This was sent to us recently by a reader who obviously has a keen appreciation of the finer points of dealing with potentially troubling situations.

Could it be that our international diplomats should be made aware of this technique?

Sometimes when you are angry with someone, it helps to sit down and think about the problem.


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