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Drugs, Drugs, Drugs - Try More Drugs!


What do conventional medics do when they run out of ideas? Easy! Just throw yet another drug at the problem! No fuss, no muss, no thought or effort involved, just keep throwing drugs at the patient until they stop "bothering" the doctor with all these problems and complaints.

You may recall a couple of issues past in Poisonous Soda Pop when we answered "Jane's" questions about the safety of using prescription drugs and natural treatments together. Our answer was a qualified "maybe."

Jane read our answer, and wrote back to say:

Thank you so much for all the information, it really helped me to understand how the SSRI's work and how the 5HTP works too.  You explained it very clearly so thank you for that.
I've had a look at the website for Dr Myatt, but sadly she is in America and I am in the UK!!  I was so disappointed.
I've started taking a high quality fish oil too as I've read that this can be very beneficial for anxiety/depression/concentration, etc.  I've also ordered some cds (from the US) to boost self esteem, etc, I'm really looking forward to those arriving.
Again, thanks for your help and the work you do, what a fantastic job!
Take care, best wishes,
Ps My GP has now changed my medication to Seroxat, I'm a little worried about this as I remember it had a lot of bad press in recent years.

Yikes! It looks like allopathic (conventional) doctors in the UK have no more imagination than allopathic docs here - if one drug isn't working, their answer is simply to throw another drug at the problem, even if the next drug is virtually the same except for it's name! And they call this "The Art of Medicine"?

Here is my reply to "Jane":

Hi "Jane",

I am glad that you found our information useful!

Seroxat is simply another name for Paxil (paroxetine hydrochloride) - in this case, it is the UK trade name. Side effects of Paxil include ( but are not limited to) headache, nausea, dry mouth, sweating, sleepiness or insomnia, and diarrhea or constipation, weight gain, loss of libido. We are informed that the withdrawal difficulties that are associated with all SSRI drugs are greater with Paxil and that considerable care must be taken in getting patients off of this drug. Who would have ever guessed that the Big Pharmaceutical companies would be allowed to market such addictive drugs!

You need not feel disappointed that Dr. Myatt is in Arizona - she has patients world-wide, including patients in the UK. Dr. Myatt does her consultations over the telephone, and her UK patients are very satisfied with the way this works out for them! We are also most certainly able to sent the NeuroTransmitter Test Kit to the UK - there is no problem with the processing of the samples, they are simply returned to the laboratory here and processed as usual. Dr Myatt will provide a brief overview and some general recommendations with regard to any abnormal findings of this test. For very detailed and in depth recommendations she would need to take you on as a patient so as to have access to your full medical history, labs, symptom surveys and more.

Dr. Myatt also has some very good DVD video presentations that you may find useful - The Body Mind Connection and Remembering Who You Are and her book A Physician's Diary is also quite popular.

Working with patients in the UK is fairly straightforward, and our team of "medical detectives" researches every case with the same meticulous care no matter where the patient lives.

I would be happy to get you booked with Dr. Myatt and see you started on the path to your highest health ever!

Nurse Mark




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