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Are Doctors Really Holier-Than-Thou?


A famous neurosurgeon died suddenly in his sleep and awakened to find himself at the check-in line in Heaven. The line was quite long, and the good doctor, not being accustomed to waiting, approached St. Peter at the gate.

"I'm Dr. Williams," he announced loudly.

"Dr. Williams, the famous neurosurgeon! Welcome," St. Peter greeted him cheerily.

"This line is quite long," the doctor noted.

"Sorry, there was a big bus accident late last night. But we'll get to you just as soon as we can," St. Peter assured him.

"Perhaps you could check me in right now? I'm sure I can lend a hand inside," the doctor offered.

"So sorry, Doctor. Everyone is equal in Heaven. I'm afraid you'll just have to wait your turn. But we'll get to you just as quickly as we can."

Dr. Williams took his place at the back of the line, but he clearly wasn't happy about this obvious mistreatment. Didn't they understand who he was?

The line was progressing very slowly when a man with a great beard and carrying two stone tablets walked passed the line and up to the Pearly Gates. St. Peter motioned for him to go on in. The Doctor stormed back up to St. Peter.

"Why was this man allowed immediate entry when I have to stand in line?" he demanded to know.

"That was Moses," explained St. Peter. "He's been here for quite some time and is already checked in. Now please, Doctor, we don't want you to lose your place in line, do we?"

The doctor sniffed and returned to the line. 

A short while later another man, this one wearing flowing robes and carrying a staff, also went in ahead of the rest. Getting angrier by the minute, the doctor stomped back up and demanded to know why a second fellow was allowed in while he had to wait so long.

"That was King Solomon," explained St. Peter. He is already checked in and has been here for quite some time."

The doctor cursed under his breath and returned to his place in line.

After a time a little red sports car pulled up in front and a man carrying a black bag went in ahead of the rest, which infuriated the poor doctor. He stormed back up to St. Peter.

"That wasn't any Saint who just entered, so who the hell was it?
Why was that doctor let right in while I have to wait? Do you know who I am?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean," St. Peter looked confused.

"That doctor you just let in. How come HE didn't have to stand in line? We're all equal in Heaven, remember?" The doctor was about ready to explode.

"You mean the man in the red sport's car?" St. Peter seemed to understand now.

"Yes. With the black doctor bag. Why was that doctor allowed to enter while I have to stand in line?"

"That wasn't a doctor," explained St. Peter patiently. "That was God. Sometimes he likes to play doctor."

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