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MRI - Still Safe, But With Caution:


By Nurse Mark

Regular readers know that we at the Wellness Club have little good to say about the wanton use of "medical imaging" as is seen in Conventional Medicine's obsession with mammograms, x-rays, and full-body CT scans. We must admit though that there are times when it is important to get a picture of "what's going on inside" and we tend to steer our patients toward non-damaging forms of imaging such as thermography, ultrasound, and MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

It seems though that there is nothing so effective and free from harm that "improvements" can't be made that put patients at risk... The following is excerpted from the FDA newsletter:

'Boxed Warning' Requested for Contrast Agents Used in MRIs
FDA has asked manufacturers to include a "boxed warning" on the product labeling of gadolinium-based contrast agents, which are used to enhance the quality of magnetic resonance imaging. The warning would include a statement that patients with severe kidney insufficiency who receive the contrast agents are at risk of developing a debilitating, potentially fatal disease called nephrogenic systemic fibrosis.

Our advice? MRI is still a fine imaging method, as far as we know. The contrast agents, whether used for MRI or other scans tend to have a not-very-good safety profile, and we would avoid them at all cost.

Here's a test: When your radiologist wants to do some procedure that involves giving you some sort of a "contrast agent" ask him if he will guarantee in writing that the substance will not harm you in any way, now or in the future. I'm betting he won't do it...



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