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Introducing President Bush's Choice For Surgeon General:


By  Nurse Mark

President George W. Bush announced on May 25 that he has chosen Kentucky physician James Holsinger to become the top U.S. doctor.

This appointment as still requires Senate approval. He would replace Richard Carmona, who stepped down last year.

"Dr. Holsinger will particularly focus his efforts on educating parents and children about childhood obesity, a serious epidemic that decreases quality of life and burdens our healthcare system," said the President.

Holsinger, 68, headed up Kentucky's health system and is the former chancellor of the University of Kentucky's medical center. He is a retired Army Reserve major general.

He is a cardiologist and has been a Professor of Preventive Medicine with the University of Kentucky.

"As America's chief health educator, he will be charged with providing the best scientific information available on how Americans can make smart choices that improve their health and reduce their risk of illness and injury," Bush said in a statement.

We welcome the new Surgeon General, and we hope that with his background as a Professor of Preventive Medicine he will be open to consideration of all means of maintaining and improving health - allopathic and natural and alternative therapies alike.

You can contact the Surgeon General to welcome him to his new post and to tell him that people who favor natural medicines and remedies will be following his career by clicking here:

You can also contact President Bush to tell him that you will be pleased to find that his new nominee for the post of Surgeon General is willing to consider that alternative and complimentary medicines are a viable alternative to the offerings of Big Medicine and Big Pharma...

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