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We Get Questions: Question 2 - How Can I Fix My Bum Knee Quick?


By Nurse Mark

We often hear from folks who have medical problems that conventional medicine has not done a very good job with. These folks are understandably frustrated and want some results.

What follows is an exchange between one of our readers and Dr. Myatt. We know Dave personally - he is a great fellow, with good  health insurance - what we call here "Insurance Blight" - such good insurance that conventional medicine sees people like this as a goldmine, as source of unending income, and they will just keep on doing surgeries and prescribing drugs until either the money or the patient "runs out."

Here is what "Dave" wrote:

Any recommendations for repairing a meniscus a hurry? I seem to have damaged mine and am scheduled for an MRI come Tuesday to see if I get to get scoped again or worse. This I am thinking came from rehabbing from my back troubles. I might have been better off if someone had just shot me like an old horse. Sometimes I swear it just does not pay to try to get yourself healthy. I know that is blasphemy around you two, but make a believer out of me then........

To which Dr. Myatt replied:

We know how to repair a torn meniscus without surgery, but there is no insurance coverage or workers comp for this. And why does it need to be "in a hurry"?

Most people elect to have the archaic treatment because hey, at least it's paid for by insurance. There are very few people who want to be truly healthy and will do whatever that takes. The rest? They go with their insurance coverage and we wish them all best

And Dave wrote back:

Hey Dana, thanks for the reply. My eldest is getting married in Vegas in a couple weeks. LOADS of walking to see the sights. End of July I am scheduled for an annual fly-fishing trip in Montana. Might be easier if I could walk good. This is why the hurry part enters the picture.

In '88 I was scoped but the guy did a poor job, so said the notes of the guy who corrected it in '89 when he redid the scope and left me without any problems discomfort or complaints until several days ago when my knee began giving out on me, swelling up and basically hurting like someone ripping things inside it at will.

I am interested in your non surgical treatment. Care to elaborate on the details?

OK Dave, here's the details: There is a bunch of free information on our website that you can use - I'm going to give you the links, and a quick summary here.

Arthritis is discussed in great detail here: .

Now, here are the "Cliff Notes":

  • Take an optimal dose multivitamin like Maxi Multi every day.
  • Increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids - Fish Oil is the best.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate will help to support joint healing - but only if you take the "good stuff" - the cheap "Big Box Store" bargain brands are no bargain - they don't work.
  • Grape Seed extract is a potent anti-oxidant with anti-allergen effects. Many joint problems can be related to subtle allergies.
  • MSM is a form of sulfur and sulfur is vital to the repair and healthy function of our joints.
  • Turmeric and Bromelain can be very helpful, and many of our Wellness Club members and patients swear by Cox-2 Support for relief of swelling, inflammation, and pain. Cox-2 Support contains both turmeric and bromelain - extra bromelain can be used to help relieve pain and inflammation during the acute phase of the injury and repair.

Back troubles can contribute to problems with other joints: strengthening the back will help all over. See our information on Back Pain here: .

None of these recommendations are going to do very much good if you are not digesting and assimilating your nutrients properly - a common problem for us folks over a "certain age." Please see our recent article What's Burning You? where Dr. Myatt discusses low gastric function, the many diseases that are associated with it, and how to test for this and correct it. The article is here: . Get your digestion right and you'll be surprised how quickly many of these other "little problems" clear up and that nagging "heartburn" goes away.

Finally, we have had a number of patients who, like Dave, wanted to avoid joint surgery and have been willing to make some extra effort to do that. They have had good results doing all the things listed above, and then also using Castor Oil packs over the affected joints. We provide full information on this healing therapy with the order of the supplies needed for the packs.

So, here is the bottom line: You can go ahead and let the insurance handle it with more surgery and drugs - if you are lucky you'll be out of the hospital in a few days to a week with some heavy-duty pain medicines and a couple of weeks to months of physiotherapy. You'll probably be relatively pain free and walking fairly well in two or three months. OR you can do the things listed above, and within six weeks or so you should be seeing a noticeable improvement in strength and function and a big reduction in pain. At the end of three months, if you follow our recommendations, you should be in better health than you have in many years. But your insurance probably won't cover wellness - only sickness...


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