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Welcome the The NEW HealthBeat!


Welcome to the "New and Improved" HealthBeat!

We're updating how we bring you the news in an ongoing effort to serve you better, because we believe when it concerns your health, "knowledge is power." To that end, please let me share our resolutions with you so you will know what positive changes to expect. There are a couple of simple things I'm asking you to do, too, to make HealthBeat one of the very best health newsletters available. Here's our "new and improved" plan for HealthBeat:

1.) Improved delivery. E-mail spam filters work --- sometime too well. A number of our subscribers don't get their Healthbeat newsletter because of these filters, and that's a shame. In order to ensure that the mail gets through, we have changed to a different server and initiated "double opt-in" subscription. Without boring you with details, this process will make it much more likely that our mail is received by everyone who requests it.

You can easily subscribe using the sign-up form located on every page of this website in the upper right-hand corner. Then check your e-mail. You'll have a note there from me, asking you to click a link and confirm your subscription (that's the "double" in "double opt-in"). That's it, you're done. (Unless you need to "whitelist" my address; you'll receive instructions for this after you've re-subscribed).

Not only will this help our mail get through to you reliably, this system also prevents malicious subscriptions or someone signing up for another person against their wishes.

2.) Regular delivery. I admit it, I haven't been as good as I wanted to be in 2006 in getting regular newsletters out. Instead, they were sporadic. There's plenty of news, to be sure. We post breaking news to our blog several times per week. But the newsletter? Again, difficult delivery was the main problem I identified. It has been so cumbersome to send a newsletter to our several thousand HealthBeat subscribers that I just wasn't getting it out regularly. This is another reason we've changed to a new delivery service. By eliminating the one aspect of newsletter production that has been a grunt for me, I'm confident that I can keep you informed on a frequent and regular basis.

3.) Politically incorrect. I never try and offend, but I'm so tired of reading watered-down, pseudoscientific gobbledygook that I could spit, and I'll bet you are, too. It seems like so many people are trying to be "politically correct" that they don't report the hard, cold facts as straightforwardly as they should. Though it's always been my way, expect me to be even more boldly honest about the facts as I see them. Your health and perhaps even your life might depend on knowing the truth, and I'm going to do my best to make sure you get it. "No more Mrs. Nice Guy."

4.) Referenced sources. Our information is always based on medical research, not arm-chair theory. (Or at least when it IS arm-chair theory, I tell you so). But from now on, the on-line version of the newsletter will contain the medical references our information is drawn from. Those who want to check and double-check our reference will find it easy to do using the reference section of each newsletter. I want you to be confident in the quality of the information you are receiving in HealthBeat, and I believe this will help you see that we are a "no B.S. zone." (Remember, these references will be in the ON-LINE version of HealthBeat, not the e-mailed version. References take up a lot of space in an e-mail and could prevent your newsletter from getting through to you).

5.) Driven by your input. Remember I said there were a couple of things I'd be asking of you?

Letting me know what topics you'd like to see in HealthBeat is the first. As soon as you've confirmed your new subscription, you'll get a note from me reminding you to take a moment and let me know your interests. I'll be as responsive as I can to the topics you suggest and include these in future editions of the "new and improved" HealthBeat.

Is there more you'd like to see us do? Please drop me a note. We want 2007 to be your "breakaway year" to great health, and our resolution at The Wellness Club is to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your best health ever.

To Your Good Health!

Dr. Dana Myatt

P.S. If you know of a friend or family member who would enjoy and benefit from HealthBeat, please pass along our website address so they can subscribe.

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