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Got Mercury Amalgam Fillings? You Gotta See This Video!

08/08/07      Issue 28 Volume 7

This Week In HealthBeat News:

  • Yet More Good News For Vitamin D!
  • Dr. Myatt's Super Shake recipes
  • Alzheimer's, Heartburn, Or Neither: What's Your Pleasure?
  • Still have "Silver Fillings" in your teeth? You won't want to after seeing this!
  • We Get Letters I - What Natural Treatments Are Available For MS?
  • We Get Letters II - Readers Ask Us Medical Questions...
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: "Pirates Of The West" stealing from Nature...

Yet More Good News For Vitamin D!

By Nurse Mark

Over the past few Health Beats, we have been singing the praises of increased amounts of Vitamin D - and offering mainstream medical research in support of what we already know in the natural medicine world. (Vitamin Dís Anti-Cancer Potential Affirmed ... Again , Vitamin D Cuts Cancer Risk By An Amazing 77% and Vitamin D Dramatically Lowers Risk of Breast and Colon Cancer )

Here is yet more proof of the value of this vitamin, especially important in today's world of airline-traveling TB carriers and drug-resistant strains of TB coming in to our country.

One dose of vitamin D boosts TB immunity - Yahoo! News

There was a time, not so very long ago in America, when TB was all-but-eradicated. Now with floods of immigrants pouring over our borders from third world countries we are seeing a resurgence of this disease.

Traditional (ancient) treatment for TB involved "Fresh Air and Sunshine" - the fresh air to help purify the lungs and prevent further spread of the disease, and the sunshine - well, they don't call Vitamin D "The Sunshine Vitamin" for nothing! Even modest exposure to sunshine boosts Vitamin D levels. For those living where sunshine is not a year-round thing, or for those who avoid the sun, Vitamin D supplements are looking more valuable with every new piece of mainstream research!

Dr. Myatt's Super Shake recipes: From a recent email to a Wellness Club friend...

By Dr. Myatt

As I sit here drinking my morning mocha-java Super Shake, I decided that our other HealthBeat subscribers would probably want to have the recipe, too.

First, let me preface by telling you that a Super Shake is a great-tasting, complete and healthy meal in a glass. That's right, a "real deal" nutritious "meal" disguised as a milkshake! And it tastes so good, even kidlets will drink it!

The basic recipe uses high-quality whey protein and flax oil, so you're getting your essential protein and fatty acids. "Extras" include Maxi Fiber or ground flax seed (to boost daily fiber consumption), L-glutamine (an amino acid that curbs carbohydrate cravings and also helps boost the immune system and heal the GI tract), Red Alert of Greens First (get your entire daily fruit and vegetable "dose" in one delicious "pop"!) and flavorings.

Here are some "variations on a theme" of Super Shakes.
Basic Super Shake -- "The Full Monty"

1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 scoop Red Alert or Greens First
1 tsp. Maxi Fiber
1 tsp. L-glutamine
1 TBS. flax oil
1 cup crushed ice
1-2 cups water (to desired thickness)

Directions: Put all ingredients in blender. Blend until creamy. Drink. Enjoy.

Alternative directions: Put in shaker cup and shake to blend. Drink. Enjoy. (This won't be as creamy or "milkshake-like," but it still tastes great.
Super Shake "Lite"

1 scoop whey protein
1 tsp. flax oil
1 cup ice
1 cup water

Blend. Enjoy.
Very Berry Super Shake

1 scoop vanilla whey
1 scoop Red Alert
1 tsp. Maxi Fiber
2 TBS. blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or other unsweetened berries
1 TBS. flax oil
crushed ice
optional: L-glutamine

Blend and drink.
Mocha Java Super Shake (my personal morning favorite; it trumps Starbucks any day!)

1 scoop chocolate whey
1 cup plain coffee
1 cup plain water (or use 2 cups of coffee if you feel like walking on the "wired side"! )
1 tsp. flax oil
crushed ice.

Blend. Top with 2 TBS. real whipped cream if desired. Enjoy!
German Chocolate Cake Shake

1 scoop chocolate whey
1 cup water
1 TBS. coconut cream
1 tsp. flax oil
crushed ice

Blend. Drink. Enjoy.

Experiment with various flavoring and combinations. Try to keep the recipe "low carb," since as you read last week, carbohydrates are WAY over-rated for their health benefits.

Send me your recipes and we'll publish the "keepers" in HealthBeat.

SO... Instead of grabbing a "fast-food" junk meal or skipping meals, why not have a quick and tasty Super Shake and feel your energy level soar?

Alzheimer's, Heartburn Or Neither: What's Your Pleasure?

By Nurse Mark

Pay attention, all you "heartburn" sufferers - your "little purple pill", your acid blocker that you love so much, has been linked to mental decline and dementia.

Yes, you read correctly, these popular drugs known as H2 blockers including such favorites as Axid, Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac have been shown in a recently published study to increase the risk of developing mental impairment, including dementia as severe as Alzheimer's disease, by two-and-a-half times.

Folks, I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little cynical and very fed up with this onslaught of toxic offerings from Big Pharma - drugs that kill, drugs that maim, drugs that make people stupid, drugs that make people fat, drugs that make people senile - an all for conditions that can easily be corrected without drugs!

Take "heartburn" and GERD or "reflux" for example: This is almost entirely a "made-up" disease, designed to sell expensive drugs and surgery. "Heartburn", "reflux" and GERD can all be quickly and easily corrected with some dietary corrections and a few simple and inexpensive supplements.

Want to know how? Check out our recent HeathBeat newsletter where we ask "What's Burning You?" - read up, learn more, get wise, and keep all your marbles as you age!

Boustani, M. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, August 2007; vol 55: pp 1248-1253.

Still have "Silver Fillings" in your teeth? - You won't want to after seeing this!
We warned readers about the dangers of conventional dental treatment in nearly a year ago in the HealthBeat newsletter Three Hidden Causes of Disease Lurking in Your Mouth .

That newsletter generated a lot of response - including one very angry letter from a dentist in California who is obviously a good little ADA clone - he said that we were all wrong and he would like to testify against us at a malpractice trial!

Well, fast forward a bit: we are still not in court - and there is an organization of dentists called the  International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology who agrees with us that mercury amalgams are toxic and they have produced a rather shocking video that proves it.

We work with a local holistic dentist whom we trust to remove mercury amalgams safely - contact us for more information on this health-restoring procedure.

Smoking Teeth = Poisonous Gas

This video shows toxic mercury vapor outgassing from an amalgam dental filling. It is Odorless, colorless and tasteless -- but it casts a shadow in black light!

There is Toxic Mercury Vapor coming from this tooth with it's amalgam filling. Click the picture to see the video proof of how these common dental procedures are poisoning us.

Click on the image above to view the video

We Get Letters I - What Natural Treatments Are Available For MS?

Susan wrote recently with this all-too-common story of her treatment by "Conventional Medicine" and her less-than-common decision to seek more natural solutions in regaining her health:

Hi Dr. Myatt:

I've been a subscriber for a little over a year and am so appreciative of the wealth of information you share!

I had progressive MS about 6 to 8 years ago, for which I had two rounds of IV steroids then chemotherapy (cytoxin and a second drug) for six months. It was on a "falling off a cliff" trajectory. I did Copaxone also for six months. This threw my body immediately into menopause at age 43. ... a long story shortened: These seemed to retard the progress, but doctors said I would never get better, never recover lost function, etc.; I often couldn't stand or walk unaided, was sometimes using a wheelchair, was number from feet up to shoulders, etc.

I decided to get well, and did many natural things to rebuild my body and nervous system, relying in part on readings from a friend who is considered "the Edgar Cayce of Canada." As I began to recover in this way, my doctors attributed it to the chemotherapy and recommended that I continue the chemotherapy for two more years. At that point, I didn't think I would survive -- I remember thinking about planning my funeral one night -- so I decided to do things differently, and I stopped all conventional treatment.

I recovered virtually all of the function, with only some residual numbness and slight stiffness in my lower legs. I take no medication and have no plans to do so, or to have future MRIs, unless something seems to indicate the need.

I went this morning for a doctor's visit and came out with a fistful of prescriptions -- she wants me to have a mammogram, to re-establish a relationship with a neurologist for treatment of MS, to have a colonoscopy because of my age, to have a bone density scan, and to do routine blood work.

I will think this over, but I'm not willing to subject myself to any more medical tests, including MRIs, or to take any pharmaceutical drugs that I don't believe I need. Even if results of tests indicated a need for Western medical measures, that likely would not be my first approach -- particularly the pharmaceuticals.

I understand that you can't make professional recommendations! ... but I'd truly like your thoughts on what your own approach might be. These batteries of tests seem to be the only way to establish relationships with medical doctors, but I am more concerned about my health than what medical authorities might think at the moment. I do and will continue to do much research and I consider good diet, exercise, energy work my mainstays.

I would appreciate any thoughts you may have! And, again, I am happy to set up a consultation if you wish.

Many thanks, and my deep appreciation for your work!


Dr. Myatt answers:

Hi Susan!

As you already seem to understand, a complicated case (and everyone's personal story is different) really does require a consultation. Five people with symptoms of MS or any other disease can have those problems for five unique combinations of reasons!

An extensive list of "general" considerations for neurological disease, (any or some combination of them could apply to you) can be found on our Wellness Club website at this link:

Also, since you are interested in Edgar Cayce, the readings say to always check the alignment of the coccyx, indicating that a previous injury to the tailbone can sometimes trigger MS.

You've done a lot of good things for yourself already---- almost surely quite a bit better than if you had gone the strictly conventional route. Good for you! (We're not good at treating neurological diseases in conventional medicine because we ignore all the correctable causes ---- like food allergy, heavy metal toxicity and neurotransmitter imbalances).

Why have a bunch of high-tech tests when we don't have any treatments to offer you? (Conventionally speaking again).

From an holistic standpoint, there is much we can do for MS. Of course, once you no longer have symptoms, the conventional docs will say that "MS is characterized by periods of remissions and exacerbations. This is simply a remission, an expected finding in the course of the disease." Blah, blah, blah.

Regardless of what anyone wants to call it, a "durable remission" (and sometimes complete cure!) is certainly possible.

I look forward to working with you. MS is one disease where holistic medicine has a LOT to offer!

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

We Get Letters II - Readers Ask Medical Questions...

Q.) Hello. I need to find some supplements that would give someone strength.
My dearest friend is suffering from cancer. He's undergone radiation and now in the midst of chemo. He's abominably weak.
We've found an alternative route but it also makes you weak before strong.
We need to make him strong enough to take the treatment.
Can you advise or put me in touch with someone who knows about supplements/herbs/something natural that makes the body strong (and hopefully quickly - he's so very weak).
Thank you so much for any help you can provide. - Barbara

A.) Barbara, This is an immensely complicated question that you are asking!

It is impossible to even recommend an optimal dose multivitamin since there may be some components of some multivitamins that could be detrimental for someone with advanced cancer!

What we recommend to your friend will depend on so many things - his kind of cancer, the stage of his cancer, the treatments that he has had, the treatments he is receiving, the drugs he is taking and has taken, his current physical condition, and so much more.

The very best thing you can do for your friend is to have him schedule a consultation with Dr. Myatt so that she can have all this information to work with and she and her research team can develop a comprehensive health-restorative program for him. Dr. Myatt is available by telephone for alternative medicine consultations . For more information, see Dr. Myatt's telephone consult brochure .

There is no one magical, miraculous supplement or herb that will "make someone strong" - and anyone who will try to tell you that there is one thing is likely a charlatan, interested more in your money than in your friend's health.

We work with many late-stage cancer patients - and it is immensely satisfying and rewarding to see these people regain their health, strength, and lives after the terrible things that Conventional Medicine does to cancer patients.

Having said all that, one of the best things you could do for your friend (besides a consultation with Dr. Myatt) would be to give him SuperShakes two or three times daily to improve his nutrition and provide him with the proteins and essential fatty acids he needs for strength and healing. - Nurse Mark

Q.) I've heard that almonds are a good source of anti-carcinogens. Is this true? Ann B.

A.) Almonds can be an excellent source of many important nutrients, some of which are important for those persons dealing with cancer.

These nutrients can be altered or damaged with high heat "pasteurization" and it is for this reason that we are very concerned with the ABC / FDA decision to require steam or toxin treatment of almonds.

So-called "bitter almonds" contain a cyanide-like compound that you may have heard of - Laetril (Laetrile) - AKA Vitamin B17, which has shown very strong anti-cancer properties but has been banned by the FDA based on one report of a suspected overdose from a bottle of the substance consumed by a toddler - a report that is contested...

Commercially grown almonds contain little or none of this substance as they are "bred" for sweetness and palatability. Apricot pits do contain significant amounts of this compound.

Anyone wishing more information regarding the use of these compounds would be very well advised to have a consultation with Dr. Myatt - she is very knowledgeable and expert in the use of these and other anti-cancer treatments and protocols. -- Nurse Mark

Q.) Hello Dr. Myatt, Could you send me some info on putting good bacteria into the colon/intestines? (eg: Probiotics). I know they can be taken for example after a good colon cleanse, but can and is it wise to take them on a regular basis? Can you put too much good bacteria into the colon/intestines? - Pat

A.) There's no such thing as "too many good bugs" in the colon!

Be sure to use a potent probiotic formula that is ENTERIC COATED, which means it will not break down in the stomach and be destroyed by stomach acid.

Please check out my "Supermadophilus" formula. It is one of the most potent probiotic formulas available, and it is enteric coated so the good bacteria really make it all the way to your large intestine! - Dr. Myatt

Q.) Thank you so much for this article as I am a diabetic and I attended a series of classes at a local hospital and they prescribed 45-60 Carbs per meal which basically I have been doing, only to find that my blood glucose readings are getting worse----I attended you class at Virginia Beach in 1999 and was very impressed-----thank you so much for writing on carbs---does diet have anything to do with incontinence? --Beverly

A.) Woo! Gotta' love the current conventional medical recommendations for diabetes --- guaranteed to ensure that you will be a diabetic for the rest of your life! (And a good consumer of diabetes drugs, test kits, regular check-ups and maybe even surgery to amputate a limb.... but I digress...).

Beverly, get OFF that bogus high-carb diet and on to a low carb diet. 45-60 grams is more carbs than you should be getting in a DAY, much less one meal!

As for incontinence, before we go looking for more complicated answers, make sure you are following the simple but effective advice offered for urinary incontinence on our Wellness Club website:

Please let me know how this works for you! -- Dr. Myatt

Laughter is Good Medicine:

It is no secret that we believe that "Mother Nature knows best!" Big Pharma must believe so too - for they are constantly on the lookout for natural substances and remedies (which cannot be patented, because they are already occurring in nature) that they can take into their laboratories to analyze and synthesize. These once natural substances, now artificial, synthesized, and bearing little real resemblance to anything in nature are called "drugs" and are patentable, profitable, and because they are so un-natural, they are often quite toxic. But who cares, as long as the money keeps rolling in to Big Pharma - Right?

Here is the commentary that goes along with this cartoon:

Big Pharma is engaged in massive global biopiracy by stealing molecules from nature and patenting them as drugs. Today's cartoon depicts the cruel double standard and warped intellectual property laws that allow Western nations to steal from countries like China (or Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia) without paying them a dime in royalties.


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